Services Provided

Services and Procedures Provided

Epidural steroid injection

Injection modality designed to treat shooting pain (radicular pain) in the leg, arm, low back and/or neck. It is caused by numerous conditions such as disc herniation, spinal/foraminal stenosis etc.

Medial branch blocks

For low back pain, neck pain and headache due to facet joint disease and arthritis. It is used for diagnostic purposes to help confirm facet joint pain. If successful, patients will likely get a radiofrequency ablation.

Radiofrequency facet neurotomy
Sacroiliac RF ablation

This is a therapeutic modality used to treat low back pain, neck pain, and headache due to facet joint disease. Typically the procedure is done after a series of medial branch blocks.

Sacroiliac joint blocks

Used to treat low back pain due to sacroiliac joint disease. Injection of medication into sacroiliac joint for diagnostic or therapeutic purpose.

Diagnostic selective nerve root blocks

Used to identify specific nerve root(s) causing radicular pain. This is a diagnostic tool to help with surgical planning.

Peripheral nerve blocks

Used for peripheral nerve pain due to
injuries, complications after surgery, etc

Peripheral joint injections
(knee, hip, shoulder)

Injections for joint pain due to injury, or arthritis. It can be used for both  diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. It is also used while waiting for a joint replacement.

Ablation of nerves to major joint

Used for patients who have residual joint pain after knee and hip arthroplasty or in patients who are not a candidate for joint replacement.

Stellate ganglion or
lumbar sympathetic blocks

Used for arm pain or leg pain due to autonomic nerve dysfunction called complex regional pain syndrome or vascular conditions.

IV Lidocaine infusions

Used to treat patients with nerve (neuropathic) pain, high dose opioid, complex regional pain  syndrome, or when other  modalities have not been successful.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

Used in regenerative medicine for patients who have sustained a ligament/tendon injury. It is also used for patients with  arthritis to help reduce inflammation and pain.

Botox injection

Predominantly to treat migraines but also used to treat different muscular condition/dystonias.


Many different types of medications are used for variety of pain such as migraine, low back pain, neck pain, musculoskeletal pain, fibromyalgia.

Opioid addiction Management

For patients who have used a high dose of opioids for pain and known to develop addiction with or without  tolerance.


This can be powerful method of treating common low back, neck arm, leg, shoulder pain related to spine, joint, and muscle. It uses acupuncture needles, and pressure on traditional oriental ‘meridian’ points.

Group and individual
Mindfulness sessions

This uses “mind – body” approaches to learn to control mind and emotion for pain reduction regardless of type and cause of chronic pain. This includes daily relaxation, diaphragmatic breathing, and imagery.


To be established. This is a crucial part of comprehensive pain management to address sadness, anxiety, anger and suffering, and to teach coping skills.

Self pain management Program

This is a part of comprehensive pain management that enables one to take control of pain, improve function, and cope with chronic pain. This includes self-paced regular exercise, relaxation response, monitoring ‘self talk’, irrational beliefs about chronic pain and unhelpful thinking habits.


To be established. Current psychosocial conditions will affect pain and the counselling address this aspect and teaches coping and problem solving skills.