For Patients

Our goal is to evaluate and come up with individualized treatment plan.  We will do our best to treat you pain and improve the quality of your life.
For your initial pain consultation, the following forms should be filled in to allow us to get a better understanding of your needs prior to seeing you in the clinic.
  1.  pre consultation questionnaire and send it to our clinic by fax or email
  2. Make sure that your physician sends the referral form with MRI/CT of your spine if you are being referred for neck pain or low back pain.
  3. Once we receive your  pre consultation questionnaire, referral form from your physician, and MRI/CT of your spine for neck/back pain, we will contact you to book an appointment. *For referral for opioid addiction, fill out questionnaire for opioid addiction
  • You may contact or be contacted via phone, fax, or email for any inquiries. Our contact information is as follows:
  • If it is urgent, you will be connected to your pain physician in the clinic. However If you cannot get hold of the clinic, then please go to the emergency department.

Pain physician in the clinic may prescribe opioid as a part of your chronic pain management according to the 2017 Canadian Guideline for chronic pain. The maximum dose is 50 mg of morphine equivalent dose. However, there may be a few exceptions. It will be up to your family physician to follow up. Your opioid prescription may be renewed while you are under the clinic’s care (maximum a few months)

The clinic needs to be notified at least 24 business hours prior to your appointment time so that another patient may be scheduled in your place.  Should you not notify the clinic, you will be charged for your appointment according to the Ontario Medical Association guide and the next appointment will not be scheduled until it is paid.


Some of our physicians will provide treatment for opioid addiction.

There is ample free parking space for the clinic.

Yes, see above for opioid prescription policy for patient.

Initially you may need to wait depending on patients before your appointment and the initial consultation takes approximately an hour.   Allow yourself approx. 1-2 hr.

We provide chronic pain management on consultation basis and you will eventually go back to your own physician for ongoing pain care.